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Beginning of Shift

The first thing you need to do each time you come to work is check in with Humanity. After that, log into the phone and Cisco, into webhelpdesk, and into CarlWiki. Next you should check the ITS managed printers' toner and paper levels, etc. You may do so by checking CentreWare Web. After checking the printer levels, you can conduct lab rounds.

CentreWare Web (CWW) and Printers

CentreWare allows us to remotely monitor the status of printers on campus. Instructions for using CentreWare can be found here. The username is campsvc and the password is seetheprinters. 

Along with checking CentreWare, check the status of the printers in the designated labs around your area

  • Check printer toner levels. If they're low, pull them out and give them a shake. If they're still printing badly, replace them as necessary.
  • Check printer paper levels. If any of the trays are empty or close to empty, please refill them.

Lab Walkthrough

At the start of every shift, do a quick walkthrough of the immediate labs. These are 109 and 110 for the CMC and 306, 318, and 4th floor for the Libe. If you are working multiple shifts in a row, do this at the beginning of each scheduled shift.

  • Look for machines that are logged in but are obviously no longer in use, and log the users out. If documents are open, save them to the Scratch Disk, under a folder labeled "Recovered <DATE>".
  • Look for any machines with errors, warnings, or which seem to have crashed or be hanging partway through the shutdown procedure. Try forcing a restart and log out again. If the problem persists (i.e. if the refresh problem isn't taking care of it) take note of any error message and report it to a member of the Triumverate or make a ticket.
  • Check the general tidyness of the lab. If there are empty cups or drinks cans, please pitch 'em. Straighten / rearrange chairs and computers if they've been moved. If there's excess paper around the printers, tidy them up, recycle used paper, etc.

End of Shift

At the end of your shift, please remember to log out of the computer. The machines refresh themselves in the same way that lab machines do, and should be restarted to be ready for the next CarlTech. If anything important happened during your shift that you think (or know) will come up again later in the day (e.g. a particular house has lost connectivity), be sure to pass on the details to the next worker on duty. This applies to both service points.

If possible, wait around for the next person to show up. This is most important after hours and on the weekends. DO NOT leave the helpdesk completely open and empty. If no one is there after five minutes or so, lock everything up, call Security, and send the Triumverate an email. This is not a small thing as "thousands of dollars worth of equipment" and system security is at stake.

Closing Duties

If you have the last shift of the day, there are some extra things you need to do before leaving. If you have the 12:00am shift, or the 8:00pm shift on Friday/Saturday, this is for you.

The college is working hard to reduce unnecessary power consumption. As such, we are trying to shut down as many machines as we can at the end of each day in both the CMC and the Library. Note that the iMacs will turn themselves off eventually, but only after 35 minutes of complete inactivity. This is not a trifling need or a passing fancy, it is a concerted effort on behalf of everyone at the college.

At the helpdesk

15 minutes before closing:

    • Walk through the CMC labs and remind people that the helpdesk will be closing and the color printer will be unavailable at that time.
    • Shut down any machines not currently in use in the labs, especially those sitting at the OS selection screen.

5 minutes before closing:

    • Call security on x4444 and let them know (i.e. remind them) that you'll be closing up in 5 minutes. Remember to tell them who you are and where you're calling from.

Closing time:

    • Close the windows in the helpdesk and put the metal pins into the holes in the rails to keep the windows shut.
    • Shut down all helpdesk machines and switch off the color printer.
    • Kill the lights and close the door behind you.
    • If the helpdesk door does not automatically lock when closed, please try to wait a few minutes for security to turn up so that they can lock it properly.

At the Libe

15 minutes before closing:

    • The Research/IT desk closes when the Libe itself closes, so we can shut down all the machines not in use at that time.
    • This includes all machines in rooms 306, 318, and in the 4th floor reference area.