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Technolutions Slate is the database and application we are using in the Office of Admissions.  This product manages all the data gathering and communications between our Admission Office and prospective students. Slate is a web-based application.  It can be used with IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.  Technolutions recommends using Chrome for the best performance. This is a web-based application, there are no licenses associated with this application.  Account maintenance and access to the system is managed by Linda Borene in the Office of Admissions.  We can have an unlimited number of users in this system. As Slate contains sensitive data, it should only be used from College owned machines. 

We have retired the previous Admissions system, Recruitment Plus (as of January 2013).  All users have been migrated to Slate as the single source for information regarding prospective students.  Data from the old Recruitment Plus server is archived archived as a SQL Server backup in \\\protected\Departments\ITS\ITS-Only\EIS\RecruitmentPlus

If you have questions regarding Slate, please contact the Admissions Tech Team: Kendra Strode, Michele Kamen, and Michael Kotchevar  

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