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What is the Hub? 

The Hub allows Students, Faculty & Staff, and Parents submit and manage classes, employment, financial aid, etc. This article has instructions regarding common issues with The Hub. If you find there is a page you would like to have more information on regarding The Hub let a wiki editor know or contact the ITS Helpdesk at ext. 5999 


General Hub Screen Help

The Hub may be difficult to navigate at first. However fear not there's a page for that! The Hub Help Center: is a helpful guide for The Hub and has detailed information on what each tab does for students and employees. Furthermore, The Hub recently received some updates and tab names here for more information

Parent & Guest Access to The Hub

Other Issues with Accessing The Hub

Password Related

A preliminary question to ask if you find yourself having issues with logging into The Hub is "Am I having issues with logging into any other Carleton related accounts such as Moodle, Gmail, etc.?" If the answer is yes please contact the ITS Helpdesk so that they can check the status of your password, and if necessary reset your password. However if you think you've forgotten your password you can reset it here:

For ITS staff, below are the pages outlining the process for password resets:

Student Password Reset

Faculty or Staff Password Reset

Missing a Tab

The Hub Phase 2

This page explains the updated tab name changes for 1) Students, 2) Faculty, Departmental Assistants & Departmental Chairs, and 3) Staff. If student, parent, or faculty & staff still can not find said link, inform the primary on deck.

General Troubleshooting

Problem #1

The Hub is redirecting to the first menu page where you select "student" when certain links are clicked.


The browser is storing too many cookies and tripping up the Hub. Clear caches and cookies, switch browsers, and the problem should be solved. For more detailed instructions visit the Clearing Browser Caches page. If this doesn't work then also try manually typing in the URL with "https://" sometimes bookmarks only link to the login page.

Problem #2

The Hub inactivates accounts where an invalid password has been entered 5 times.


All inactivations are cleared automatically every 15 minutes.  If a Hub user has not been able to login for over 15 minutes, contact Hub support people (EIS).