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WHD allows you to select and order your columns on your ticket list views.  You cannot adjust column width.

To adjust the columns you see as a tech, you will either edit an existing set or create a new one.
You can have as many sets of columns as you would like - they are personal and not visible to others.

Helpdesk Columns

The following columns are recommended when doing Helpdesk work:

  • Open Date
  • 1st Response - useful for determining which tickets need a client response added
  • Scheduled Date - useful for identifying tickets with appointments or follow-up scheduled (MANUAL)
  • Alert Level - useful for prioritizing ticket efforts, see Helpdesk Ticket Processing for details
  • Status - useful for sorting tickets that need attention (awaiting client, waiting, and scheduled for future dates can be skipped)
  • Request Type
  • Request Details
  • Latest Notes (# up to you)
  • Client
  • Tech
  • Creator - useful for identifying client-submitted tickets, for which 1st response is measured for our internal SLA



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