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PEPS staff rely heavily on Web Help Desk automation in our workflow.  The ways in which we interact with Web Help Desk means if tickets are not created properly or assigned the wrong Request Type, they will not appear on the PEPS collective radar and may be invisible to our staff and students.

This article is intended to help inform you of how our team receives and handles requests for our services.

How should PEPS problems and/or requests be submitted?

Problems with classroom technology (or permanently installed presentation equipment) should be submitted directly through Web Help Desk using the PEPS--Presentation request type.

Any other PEPS requests should be submitted using the forms on our website. Customers should be directed to complete these forms themselves whenever possible. Even we refer customers who call the PEPS line to those forms.

Why Use the Forms?

There are a few specific reasons. Most importantly, using these forms ensures that we get all of the detailed information that we need to successfully handle your request. Also, each form submission sends an email to an account monitored by the PEPS staff, providing us with some backup and redundancy.

When we create tickets from these forms, we want them scheduled so that they appear immediately on the PEPS Event calendar. This calendar is the schedule that we work from which is monitored throughout the day by us.

When we schedule an event, we take into account lead times required for specific event and equipment types, other events happening around the same time, and student/staff availability. We assign student staff (techs) to events according to their work schedule and our office workload.

PEPS Request Types

There are three PEPS ticket types, to be used as follows:

  • PEPS – Presentation
    Used by anyone in the department, for problems or requests relating to installed (classroom) presentation equipment.
    These are primarily monitored by Jim and Tammy.
  • PEPS – Event Ticket: PEPS touch back, tear-down, tech assistance and/or setup, videoconferencing setup
    Used by anyone requesting these services from us.  Please provide as much detail as possible regarding your event.
    These tickets are monitored and scheduled by PEPS staff and Student Team Leads.
  • PEPS Video Recording Requests
    Used by anyone requesting to have their event recorded.  
  • PEPS – Media Production (internal use)
    Used by PEPS staff only for tracking internal post-production jobs.
    These are primarily monitored by student staff, secondarily by full-time staff.