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With all of these changes, you might find yourself wondering "Why Print Management?"

Why Print Management?

The short answer is that it is our method to reduce the inordinate amount of excess printing done at Carleton. Some statistics regarding Carleton Printing:

Avg annual printing at the libe 1998-2002 - 187,500 pages/yr
Avg annual printing at the libe 2002-2006 - 1,100,000 pages/yr

During 2006-07 academic year, the 16 public lab printers averaged as follows:

  • 42,000 pages printed per day.
  • 7.3 pages printed in the libe per minute that the libe was open.
  • Approx 2,000 pages printed per student.

During the last month of Fall Term, 2006 (a relatively slow month) the following numbers were recorded:

  • Academic depts printed 155,200 pages on 97 printers h1. Average: 1,600 pgs / printer
  • *Admin depts printed 459,564 pages on 111 printers Average: 4,140 pgs / printer
  • Public labs printed 345,655 pages on 16 printers h1. Average: 21,603 pgs / printer
  • Includes Printing & mailing

During the Winter 2008 term period that GoPrint was use in the CMC, we noticed a certifiable 33% drop in printing. What's even more surprising is that, unlike what was expected, there was no abnormal increase in printing at the Library; that is, students by in large did not simply shift their printing load.

To further demonstrate, when GoPrint was turned off towards the end of term, we witnessed an increase of 25% in daily averages, over and above the usual 30% increase we normally see at the end of a term. It is clear that it is an effective solution to curb wasted printing.

As a result of the system, GoPrint also allows for more secure printing of your documents. Your documents and information are no longer exposed and open while you make your way towards the printers, nor do they wait at the tray to be sifted through or compromised while you continue to do work at your station. They are safely within the system, waiting for you to go personally to the printer, login with your OneCard, and have them printed while in your presence.But doesn't this seem like a hassle?h1. When getting used to the system at first, this might seem like a hassle. However, when you think about it, GoPrint really doesn't add any significant complication to printing. A simple login and two clicks is all that's needed on your side. Going to the release station is really nothing at all either, as you already need to go to the printers in order to grab your document. If you find yourself making multiple unnecessary trips, consider printing your documents at the station in groups only when you need them, as they will stay in queue until you decide you're ready to print. We are constantly working to make GoPrint even more intuitive and integrated with our systems. We hope that GoPrint's ease of use will make any perceived hassle evaporate once you've used it a couple of times.External Resources==