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Carleton's wireless network provides network coverage across all academic, administrative, and residential buildings. It even extends to some of the outside common spaces, such as parts of the Bald Spot and the outdoor classrooms of Anderson Hall and the CMC. The network is updated regularly, and we are continuously reviewing and upgrading coverage throughout all of our buildings. With nearly 1,000 wireless access points distributed across campus, there should be little problem accessing the network via your wireless device.

We operate two distinct wireless networks. Our eduroam network is the primary network for Carleton students, faculty, and staff. It is secure and encrypted, and provides access to the internet as well as all internal network resources to anyone with Carleton credentials. The CarletonGuests network is available to anyone visiting our campus. It is an open network providing access to the internet, but not to secure, internal network resources. You can find more information on additional network resources on our Network Support page. 

If you have any questions on the following information, please don't hesitate to contact the ITS Helpdesk via our support portal at, by phone at 507-222-5999, or through email at

Connecting to Campus Wireless

Faculty, Staff, and Students

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You will need to contact your administrator.

arrow-right-circle Click here for instructions on connecting your device to eduroam

Members of the Carleton community are strongly encouraged to connect their wireless devices to our eduroam network. Because this is a secured network, there is a configuration process for each device that you connect. This is a one-time process, and only takes a few minutes. Once completed, you will have full, secure access to all of Carleton's secure network resources, as well as full Internet access, of course. An additional advantage to configuring your device in this way is that, if you visit another institution that has also implemented eduroam, your device will seamlessly connect to their network upon arrival.

Any wireless devices which are not configured for eduroam and instead make use of the Carleton Guest network will have full internet access, but will be unable to access a number of secured campus network resources.

Note that devices without built-in web browsers, such as some gaming consoles, will be unable to connect to eduroam. Most such devices are not compatible with the protocols required to ensure the security of the network. 

Campus Guests

arrow-right-circle Click here for instructions on connecting your device to Carleton Guest

If you are a visitor to campus and wish to make use of our wireless network, please connect your device to our Carleton Guest network. This network is open and is not encrypted; transmissions across the network are not secure. It provides access to the Internet and some Carleton computing resources. You will be asked to provide an email address, but this is only used to manage network load* and will not be used for any form of communication. 

*A large wireless network such as Carleton's is "broken down" into smaller units which is easier to manage and, in particular, helps to avoid network congestion. The email address that you provide is fed into an algorithm which then assigns your device(s) to a particular unit.

What is eduroam?

eduroam is a global wireless network service developed for the international research and education community. Carleton is only one of many institutions to have implemented this service.

Once your device has been correctly configured and connected to Carleton's eduroam network, you will be able to seamlessly and securely connect to eduroam at any institution which has implemented it, including St Olaf, the University of Minnesota, and more in over 100 locations around the world. Conversely, if you are a visitor from another institution that has also implemented eduroam, any wireless devices that you have registered at your home institution should automatically connect to our network without the need for additional configuration. Note that this will not grant the device access to secure, internal network resources which require Carleton credentials.

For more information about eduroam, visit the organizations home page. Or for a quick overview, visit their Frequently Asked Questions page.

Guests with eduroam Access

If you are a visitor from an institution that has also implemented eduroam, then any wireless devices that you have configured for use on that network should automatically connect to Carleton's eduroam network. No further configuration should be necessary. In the event that you do have problems, it is possible that you will have to work with your own institute's technical support group. That said, please feel free to reach out to the ITS Helpdesk at Carleton as a first step. If all else fails, please connect to the Carleton Guest network as described above.