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It's the end of a crazy term.  

I had a hard time deciding if the GIF theme should be kittens or NPH.  

I picked both.

Bonus!  This GIF includes a printer, too! ^^


Winter Term Schedule is Posted


The schedule is ready.  Go double check it to make sure your reality matches our reality!

-----> Schedule Here! <-----

Approximation of the scheduling meeting ^

Winter Term Libe Training



Mandatory Library Training - Two Days

Dates: BOTH Wednesday, January 4th; Thursday, January 5th

Time: 5pm - 6:30pm both days (snacks at the end)

Where: Meet in Libe 306, we'll go from there

Yes, this is mandatory.  That means we need you to do everything in your power to be there.  Talk to fellow club-members about your absence, talk to coaches about leaving practices early or arriving late, don't plan other meetings during this time.  If, however, you've done what you can to try to attend and cannot make it to one or both days, please let the triumvirate know ASAP.

Internet Slowness this Weekend

There was as many of you noticed a major problem with the internet this weekend.

Important Note One: It was NOT an Eduroam problem.

It was a problem with a physical component in the building in the cities that serves our internet connection.  It was a very difficult problem to track down because it didn't trigger standard error messages and required coordination across 4 different vendors we work with for various portions of our internet connectivity.  Late Saturday night/Sunday morning we saw marked improvements after lots of work by our networking team - a HUGE thanks to Chris Dlugosz, Bryan Reed and Dave Flynn for their help this weekend.

Important Note Two: Call the triumvirate if it's an emergency.

Yes you have SAS techs to back you up - and SAS Techs should know to call us, but don't hesitate to ask.  You can text us and you can call us.  Leave us voice messages if we don't answer.  If it seems like you've done some good basic troubleshooting, have done a sanity check with another CarlTech and/or an SAS Tech then call us.  We'd rather deal with a false alarm than learn about a situation too late.

Winter Break Updates!

Over winter break we'll do lots of stuff and I'm toying with the idea of having some guest updaters during the break.  If you're interested in seeing those when they come out you can follow this page.  


  1. Look at an Update.  This one is a great example
  2. At the top of the page click the "Watch" button
  3. Choose the option that makes sense for you!


I got kittens

They are cute:

Left: Dalinar "Blackthorn" Kholin; Right: Kaladin Stormblessed


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    1. Kendra Strode AUTHOR

      Eeps! It's not done yet!  Check back in a bit for the final version!

  1. Second!  Or potentially first if Anirudh is disqualified.

      1. I too vote for Brennan- only partially to spite Dimitri because he refuses to use his legal name like a normal person.

    1. I vote for Anirudth. At least he knows how to keep his drives "clean".

  2. Is it appropriate for me to say THIRD! I like 3. I have a family of 3. If I put the greater than symbol with it, it makes a heart of love for my family. <3 (NOTE: Gmail tried to make it a silly heart icon).

    <Michael pukes now at what he wrote>

  3. Those are good cat names (patiently awaiting Book 3)