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About Me

I graduated from Carleton College in 1979 with a degree in Mathematics. I worked as the first full-time staff member in Academic Computing at Carleton: supervising the labs; being a system administrator for the public computers, teaching statistics software for various social science classes, etc.
After my first stint at Carleton, I worked for SPSS as a software engineer, contributing to the core system and the PC and Mac product lines. After SPSS, I worked in a little artificial intelligence group at Unisys writing hardware and software configurators.
I returned to Carleton as a system administrator, but I have also been a network administrator, served as an interim co-Director of Academic Computing and later as an Associate Director of Nework Services. I am currently the team lead for our Enterprise Information Systems team.
I have played guitar since I was five, and currently have a band named Scandium. We play contemporary Scandinavian folk music. Most of our arrangements are original, although some are closer to being covers of other band's work that we admire. For Scandium, I write arrangements, play guitar, sing and maintain the website. Check us out at []!

What Stuff

My Active Projects

  • Identity Management
  • OnBase automation and integration
  • Unified Knowledge Base

I regularly use these tools

  • Sun Identity Manager
  • Perl, Bash shell scripting
  • SQL and MySQL
  • SSIS
  • Powershell
  • Twiki markup
My Blog

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