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How to build a building starting from a floor plan in Google Sketchup

1. Go to Window -> Layers and open the Layers window. Then click the "+" button to create a new layer named "Floor". You will store the floor plan here in this layer.

2. Then import the floor plan as a image into Sketchup.

3. You can look up the measurement of the building, so that you can replicate the building in its exact measurement in Sketchup. Simply type in the Width of the floor and the hit <Enter>.

4. Create another layer called "Building", and select this new layer. You should build your building in this layer.

5. Use the Pencil tool and copy all the lines in the floor plan. Sketchup helps you to align your lines with the lines on the floor plan.

6. Right click the entire image and click explode. This enables you to select a specific area in the floor plan.

7. Select the area that represent the exterior wall of the building. Use the Push/Pull tool to "grow" the wall.

8. Now that you have created the wall, you can proceed to build the interior of the building.