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     *Note:  these options may be grayed out with ColorSync pre-selected.  This is a result of the settings you have already chosen.  If not, select ColorSync.


3. Switch from Layout to Color Matching


4.  Switch from Color Matching to Printer Settings, the  the most important controls are the options for Printer Settings.  

     *Note:  In general you will only ever have to work with the Basic settings, however if you plan to use the Advanced B+W mode you may need to look at the advanced settings to                      

                 make the appropriate color temperature tweaks.

      a.  Page Setup: select Paper Tray (Sheet) or Manual Feed (Roll)  
      b.  Media Type: We recommend using the Premium Luster Photo Paper 260 that CAMS encourages, but glossy (Premium Glossy Photo Paper 250) and matte (Ultra Premium Presentation Matte

                                 Matte) are also available.  The settings for Premium Luster Photo Paper (PLPP260) are shown in the screenshot below.

           *Note:  It is really important to pick the correct paper type other the printer may not print at all (or the results will be erratic).  If you are unsure of the correct settings, check the                        

manufacturers                        manufacturers website or the ICC spreadsheet which is linked to in this tutorial.           

       c.  Print Mode: select "AccuPhoto HD" – the selection to use if Photoshop is managing colors.
       d.  Color Mode:  select "Off."  You want Photoshop managing the colors, not the Epson printer.
       e.  Output Resolution: select "SuperPhoto 2880dpi" as it is specified by the manufacturers for the "Micropore Luster" paper                                                                                            

       f.  select only "High Speed."


8. When you are finished click 5. Click "Save" to store all of your settings. You will be sent back to the dialog shown in step 4, click print  The Printer Settings window should now close, and you should now be back at the Photoshop Print Settings.


        1.  Click Print and you should have a beautiful print in a few minutes. Remember  Remember to allow luster a bit of time to dry, we have art handling gloves in the IdeaLab if you need to borrow some.


.  Touch only the outside edges of the paper.  Carefully place in the drying rack for about an hour.  (Still avoid touching the face of the paper when it's dry.)

D.  Other Resources

  •  Please make a printing consultation appointment by sending an e-mail to: