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Eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT)


When asked for your username later in the process, please enter your full Carleton email address. This is required for your device to connect properly on Eduroam networks at other schools.

Configuring your device is a two-step process. eduroam CAT will correctly identify the installer needed for your device and provide a link to the corresponding download. Once downloaded, run the installer to to configure your device and connect to the network. Alternatively, you can scroll down to the Select OS Installers section where we have made installers for several common operating systems available as a convenience.



Notes for Specific OS's


Android Users: 
  1. Install the eduroamCAT app first! It is available from Google Play, the Amazon App Store, or via Direct Download. Once the app is installed, the configuration downloaded from the CAT website above should open automatically and walk you through the remaining steps.
  2. Forget old eduroam connections - go to wifi settings and remove the eduroam connection before beginning
Mac Users: you MUST use Safari on any apple device to use the links to register.

Chrome OS: Chrome OS requires a little more manual configuration. Follow steps 1-4 below, then skip to the Configuring Chrome OS section further down the page.




1) If you have not done so already, connect your device to the Carleton Guest wireless network, then click on the button below:

2) Once at the eduroam CAT site, click the blue banner along the bottom of the page that reads "eduroam user: download your eduroam installer".

3) You will then be asked to select your Home Institution. "Carleton College U.S.A." should appear at the top of the list, but you may search for it in the field provided if it does not.

4) Finally, use the large blue banner to download the installer for your specific device. In most cases, the page will correctly guess the device that you are connecting from; however, you can click the 'All Platforms' link to get a list of all available platform-specific installers. (Chrome OS users, please skip to Configuring Chrome OS below)


When asked for your username, please enter your full Carleton email address e e.g This is required for your device to connect properly on Eduroam networks at other schools.

5) Once downloaded, run the installer. When prompted, enter the following information:

Username: enter your full Carleton email address e.g.
Password: enter your regular Carleton password.
Repeat password: enter your regular Carleton password to confirm

6) Click on the Install button. Your device will warn you about trusting a new type of certificate.  This is expected and should only happen the first time you run the installer on a particular device.

7) Finally, once the installer has completed configuring your device, point your device to the eduroam wireless network and it should connect automatically.

In Case Of A Problem

As with all software, on occasion, the eduroam installer may not work correctly. Or there may not be an installer for your particular device. If so, the best option is generally to contact the ITS HelpDesk at 507-222-5999, or stop by the Helpdesk located in the CMC. ITS staff will be happy to work with you directly to configure your device for the eduroam network.

On occasion, you may need to download and install the 'root CA certificate' directly (common on Linux machines and Chromebooks). Click here for that file.

titleImportant Note

It It is possible to establish a temporary, improperly configured connection to eduroam by ignoring the configuration process. However, this will result in a less secure connection, inconsistent service on Carleton's campus, and will not work on eduroam networks elsewhere. With that in mind, please take the brief moment to configure your device properly as outlined above.