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Comment: or Mobility Print


Student worker printing is limited only in the ways described above. There are no limitations as to which printer a student worker can use with the department shared account, or which computer he can print from (or WebPrint or Mobility Print), or what time of day he can submit a print job, or what kinds or sizes of jobs he can submit. 

NEW: On the Canon iR-ADV C5550 and 6555 MFDs, any student worker who can print charging to department shared account(s), can copy using his personal oneCard to charge the same department shared account(s). PaperCut MF is managing copying on these MFDs, and from PaperCut's point of view, copying and printing settings for a user are the same. So your student workers may not need to use a department copy card anymore (and your faculty and staff don't may not need it either).

If a department is concerned that students might be charging to the shared account some printing or copying that is not work-related, the department can request a PaperCut report showing how the shared account was used in a particular time period. A few departments have asked to receive a detailed "logs" report every month, showing every print and copy job charged to the shared account by anyone in the AD group Students, for all printers on campus. Most departments have asked for just a "summary" report, showing for each user the total costs charged to the shared account, from anyone in the AD group Students, for all printers on campus. Either of these reports is easy to set up; contact me, SNissen, at any time to ask for a PaperCut report. ITS strongly recommends that a department request and have someone periodically review such reports, to catch any problems before they grow to be unmanageable.