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  1. Insert the medium into the appropriate player. For cassettes, the slot is irrelevant - just make sure that you know what side you are recording from.
  2. Select the player on the audio switch and set Audacity's input to "Built-In Line-In."
  3. Press record in Audacity and Play on the relevant device.
  4. Check on the progress regularly - Audacity doesn't know when the media stops playing, so if you don't check often, you'll have a large silent tail.
  5. When the recording is done, press stop in Audacity and (if needed) on the player.
  6. Trim the silent parts from the beginning and ending of the track in Audacity.
  7. If the client wants the audio split into tracks, select each track (click and drag, shift + arrows) in the recording and copy them to their own projects.
  8. Export. If there are multiple tracks, export each track individually.
  9. For Cassettescassettes, be sure to check for whether the tape is double-sided. If it is, repeat steps 1-8.