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IP address ranges: 137.22.(



161160-175 Eduroam General, 15 distinct subnets, for Carleton accounts not otherwise specified below. This gets access equivalent to the legacy Carleton network, but it's faster and more secure.
176-179 Eduroam Staff, 4 distinct subnets, for staff and faculty on college-owned devices (where "College-owned" means "wireless MAC address exists in WebHelpDesk). This range gets additional access to administrative systems.
180-181 Eduroam Guest, 2 distinct subnets. Logons by Carleton alumni (like schillerj_2011) and visitors from other schools in the Eduroam federation will end up here. Access to some Carleton-only resources will be restricted, but otherwise, Internet access is open.
182 Eduroam Special, 1 subnet. System administrators and other staff needing special network access will end up here.