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With all items selected, click a button in the Tasks section of the Workflow ribbon to execute an ad hoc task on all selected items.

Workflow User Options

Workflow options can be configured on the Workflow tab in the User Options dialog box. To access the User Options dialog box, select User Options from the application menu.


The following sections describe the user options that are available.

General Options

General OptionsAction When Selected

Confirm when closing the Workflow layout

A confirmation message displays every time the Workflow layout is closed.

Automatically select first item in the inbox

When this option is selected, the first item in the inbox will automatically be selected when inbox loads items. When this option is not selected, the first item is not selected when the inbox loads items.

Enable inbox notification when viewing an auto-feed queue

A notification message displays every time an auto-feed queue is opened in Workflow.

Enable search from life cycle tree

When this option is selected, a search bar is available in the Life Cycles pane that allows users to search for life cycles and queues. This option is enabled by default.
When this option is deselected, the search bar does not appear. Users can type ahead in the Life Cycles pane to navigate to specific life cycles.

Automatically enable auto work in Exclusive View queues

The auto-work option is set to run automatically for Exclusive View queues.

Display the inbox toolbar

When this option is selected, a toolbar is present in the Workflow inbox. The toolbar allows a user to refresh the inbox, filter the inbox, manually route an item, execute ad hoc tasks, or execute a Unity Script. Available toolbar options depend on user rights and privileges.