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titlePlease be aware:

Printing systems at Carleton are subject to change. This page will be updated regularly, but if you see a red warning label over a page or topic, that information may be out of date. If you see that label, proceed with caution.

This page was last updated on 3/25/19.


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titlePrinting at Carleton

Printing at Carleton is very different from printing at home or even printing at another school. To successfully print at Carleton, you will need to be familiar with software or printing methods that you may have never interacted with. That's why this page exists! This page serves as a helpful guide to printing at Carleton, and can be useful to students, staff, faculty and guests.

Please note that this page is meant to be used as a reference guide, and may not be able to answer very specific questions. For example if you were doing a Fine Arts project and needed to print out an image, this page would be helpful for answering the question, "What file types can I print off while using WebPrint?", but it would not be helpful for answering the question "What file resolution would be best to print this image in?" or "What file type should I print this image in?". But don't worry if you have these types of questions, because you have guidelines that you can follow here. Don't know what resource to check? Don't stress yourself out. If you ask any resource for help, they should be able to point you to the right place.


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titleBasic Printing Guides

These guides will assist you with the basics of printing, as well as how to navigate Carleton specific printing systems.

There are two ways to print using PaperCut, Carleton's print management system: via the client software installed on public lab computers around campus, or via WebPrint through a web browser.

the Client
  • Printing from lab computers directly to a nearby printer is generally quicker.
  • If you want to print single-sided make sure to print from a lab computer as this option is not available with WebPrint. See the links under Advanced Printing Guides for help with printing simplex.
Printing with

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titleITS Guides

These guides are meant for ITS and library employees to help troubleshoot printing problems. Do not attempt to perform these fixes if you are not authorized to do so. Many of these fixes require ITS specific tools to work, and you may not be able to make them work. Also remember that tampering with printers is against Carleton Guidelines for both faculty and students. Remember if you break it, you buy it.

That being said, if you are an authorized ITS worker, click here.




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titleAdvanced Printing Guides

These guides are for more specialized or complex cases, like printing on different paper types.

Color Printing:

Public color printers are available in the library, near the ITS helpdesk in the CMC, and in Weitz 020.

Single/Double-Sided Printing:

Secure Print:


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titleHelpful Tools

These are helpful articles that aren't full guides, but still have things that are useful to know.


Other Resources

titleClick here to see all ITS resources on printing..

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Search Results


If you cannot find the question to your question after reviewing this guide, contact the ITS Helpdesk at x5999 or use one of the resources listed above.