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Remember Me For 60 days:

You can select this box on the Duo two-factor authentication screen so that the particular device being used will no longer prompt you for a second authentication for the following sixty-day period. Note that if you clear your browser's cookies and cache during this period, this will reset the token that Duo uses to track your device and thus the browser will no longer automatically remember your second authentication.  Simply check the box again and you should be good for the next 60 days or until you next clear cookies and cache.

Automatic Push Notifications:

There is the option to set Duo to automatically send you a push notification when you are prompted for a second factor authentication, rather than having to select the push notification option each time. 

    1. On the Duo page that prompts you to select an authentication option, go to "Settings" in the upper right corner.
    2. Select "My Settings and Devices" and authenticate yourself.
    3. Change the option under "When I log in" to "Automatically send this device a Duo push". 

However, when automatic push notifications are set, it can be more complicated to set the "Remember me" option. If automatic push notifications are on and you would like to set your device to remember you for the next 60 days, you can do the following:

    1. At the Duo authentication page, press the blue "cancel" button at the bottom of the page beneath the "Pushed a login request to your device..." message.
    2. Check the "Remember me for 60 days" box.
    3. Select "Send me a push" and approve the new request. 
    4. Now your device should remember you while also sending automatic push notifications.