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titleCheck the Printer Visually First

Note that with all these techniques, you should be looking at the printer when you release your jobs, or else someone else may pick them up, or the printer may be offline or in an error state. For example, if you are using a workstation on the third floor of the Library, you probably do not want to release print jobs using technique #3 to the fourth floor printers, because by the time you get there, your printouts may be gone or you may have chosen a jammed device whose print queue is now significantly backed up. Instead, on the fourth floor, use your oneCard at the device or its print release station, or use your smartphone to scan a printer's QR code, releasing after you have verified the printer is online and working (no error messages, not off or offline). Refunds are not intended as a correction for your not having checked the printer status before you released release the job.

New Fall 2017: PaperCut will not release a print job using technique #3 (or any other Web-based release technique) if the printer is in error. In this case, go to the printer to see if the error can be remedied (e.g., out of paper).