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AutoFill Keyword Sets increase storage and retrieval capabilities of documents. Their function is to associate a group of keywords with one main (primary) keyword. AutoFill Keyword Sets are used to automate and standardize data entry.

  • An AutoFill Keyword Set is a configuration of Keyword Types that includes a Primary Keyword Type and one or more secondary Keyword Types.
  • If an AutoFill Keyword Set is assigned to a Document type, each set of values (Primary and its secondaries) can be considered an instance.
  • A value entered into the Primary Keyword Type field during indexing of a Document triggers the population of the remaining secondary Keyword Values.
  • When applied to Document Types, AutoFill Keyword Sets increase the speed and accuracy of indexing, especially when indexing large volumes of Documents.

External AutoFill Keyword Sets

With External AutoFill Keyword Sets, you can configure an AutoFill Keyword Set that identifies a Primary value from an external Data Source and pulls corresponding Secondary Keyword values also from that external Data Source for indexing purposes. For example, if users need to index documents with employee data, and an external database already contains all of the necessary values for indexing, you can configure an AutoFill Keyword Set that pulls the necessary Keyword values from the external source.


Values for External AutoFill Keyword Sets will not reside in AutoFill Keyword Manager once configured. You must view the values for these sets externally.

AutoFill Keyword Set Instance

An AutoFill Keyword Set instance is a Primary Keyword and its corresponding Secondary Keywords on a Document.



All instances of an AutoFill Keyword Set can be viewed through the AutoFill Keyword Set Management option in OnBase. See your system administrator for details.

Mixed Case Keywords

Keywords configured for an Alphanumeric Data Type must be assigned a Character Case setting. There are two Character Case options that may be assigned to a Keyword Type: Uppercase Values and Mixed Case Values with an option for Case Sensitive Searching.


See your system administrator for details on Keyword Types that may be configured for Mixed Case Values.


AutoFill Keyword Sets can be implemented for any Document Type that contains multiple related keywords, and is especially useful for organizations that index large volumes of documents. For example, consider an organization that indexes a large volume of loandocuments with customer information such as social security number, name, address, and telephone number. OnBase is set up with an AutoFill Keyword Set containing all of those items as keywords, and the social security number as the primary keyword. When indexing, each time an operator enters the social security number value, the corresponding name, address, and telephone number values are populated from the AutoFill Keyword Set.


Steps to create an AutoFill Keyword Set

These steps illustrate the basic steps that need to be done to create a new AutoFill Keyword Set.  Keep in mind that each instance of an AFKWS has it's specific differences and nuances - but these steps should help to guide you in the appropriate direction.