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For Printing you need to have the size in inches correct for your print, and also have the DPI at at LEAST 300 dpi. Here's a different handy table to give you an idea of how well images from a digital camera are likely to print.  



File Size

Max Print

2 Mega Pixel

1200 x 1600


16 x 20

3 Mega Pixel

1500 x 2000

1.6 MB

22 x 28

4 Mega Pixel

1800 x 2400

2 MB

24 x 36

5 Mega Pixel

1950 x 2600

2.5 MB

30 x 40

6 Mega Pixel

2000 x 3000

2.8 MB

36 x 48
(from MetalPix )

When using images on a website, you need to keep the size of the file ‘small’ so it doesn’t take a long time to appear for people with slow internet connections.  That’s why most ‘default’ settings for web imagery is 72 dpi.  In addition to the dpi, one must size the image according to pixels (not inches), as with HTML and most web-creation software (Dreamweaver or iWeb or Wordpress) sizes things that way.


For information on changing or manipulating image size, please see these pages:

Resizing images with Photoshop
Resizing images with Preview (on a Mac)