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This page is currently in draft mode. It will become the Print landing page on Carlpedia.

Much of the information below needs updating. Please ask Kendra, Tammy, Austin or Doug for instructions on how to interact with this page.

Let's please check the accuracy of the information on these pages often, and update as needed.

The page Printing on a Mac does not exist.

Using GoPrint or Papercut:

To install as a Windows (Server) Printer on Windows XP, Vista, 7, or Server:

  1. Within your operating system, click start -> control panel -> view devices and printers -> "Add a printer".
  2. When asked whether the printer is local or network, choose "Network".
  3. Do not attempt to choose the printer from a list, choose "The printer I want isn't listed". Instead, if the printer uses GoPrint, input the name as: \\\CMC119-X6350
    The printer you are trying to install may use Papercut. To view the list, click here.  These printers should be written as: \\\CMC119-X6350
    Note: The correct driver will automatically be downloaded to your computer, as with iPrint.
  4. Set the default printer as necessary and print a page to make sure it works.
The page How to Print with GoPrint does not exist. The page Secured Print on the Canon iR-ADV C5051 MFP does not exist.
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