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Epson 9700 (2011 Model)

Specifically for the 9700 in the IdeaLab: How to make high quality photographic prints using the Epson Stylus Pro 9700 with the paper that the IdeaLab stocks.


1. The IdeaLab stocks four types of paper, and they vary in price.  You need to choose one, and remember it, as we'll be coming back to the 'paper types again.  Please have a PEPS/IdeaLab staff person put the paper you wish to use into the printer.  Do not try to do it yourself.

  • Epson Premium Glossy (250) $9.90 per linear foot
  • Epson Enhanced Matte Paper $9.00 per linear foot
  • Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta (315gsm) $17.50 per linear foot
  • Hahnemühle Matte Fine Art (188gsm) $11.75 per linear foot

2. Open your image in Photoshop and make the necessary adjustments. Please be aware that Epson printers, print out darker than the image appears on-screen so you may want to over compensate a little to make up for this in the levels settings.

3. Adjust the image size.  Your print should be the size you want it to be when it's printed and be set to 240 DPI

4. Now you have to convert to profile.  This will turn your file into the correct color profile for the paper and printer that you're using. This is VERY important.  The printer and the computer have to agree with each other about how the image should be printed.  The image below shows the settings for "Epson Enhanced Matte Paper".  The rest of the tutorial will show this as the choice.  However, if you choose a different paper, you will use THAT profile instead.  Here's the chart:

Paper that you choose

Profile that you should use for the settings

Epson Glossy

Epson Stylus Pro 7700_7710_9700_9710 PremiumGlossyPhotoPaper250

Epson Enhanced Matte

Epson Stylus Pro 7700_7710_9700_9710 EnhancedMattePaper

Hahnemühle Glossy


Hahnemühle Matte



If you use your OWN paper, it will require a different Color Profile.  Speak with PEPS/IdeaLab staff if you have your own paper to ensure that the computer has the correct color profile for the paper you have.

Again: In the photo below, we've chosen the Enhanced Matte choice.  This would be different, if you use a different paper type.

5. You may have noticed that your photograph has 'changed' slightly.  That's because the file is now converted for the paper profile you've just chosen.  If you don't like the way your image looked after you've done this.  Spend some time adjusting levels and curves etc to get the image on the screen to look the way you want it to look.

6. Now we're ready to Print.  Go to File> Print.

7. Now we have to change all of the settings in this window to reflect several things.  The printer, the paper size, the paper type, and the correct color profile.

7-A. Choose the correct Printer (In this case, you're using the Epson Stylus Pro 9700-1)

7-B. Change the color handling to Photoshop Manages Colors

7-C. Change the Printer Profile to the same color profile you chose before.  In this example, Enhanced Matte Paper.  But you may be using Hahnemüle Glossy, in which case, you'd choose the HFA_Eps9600_PK_PRBaryta.  Make sense?

7-D. Make sure that the Rendering Intent is set to Perceptual.  And turn off the Black Point Compensation.

7-E. Now we go into the Print Settings and make sure the paper is set correctly, and that it's printing on the correct type of paper.

7-F. Change the Paper Size from whatever it is, chose "Manage Custom Sizes" And create a new custom size by hitting the Plus symbol under the list of paper-sizes.

7-G. I've changed the Untitled to "My Print" and am now going to put in the custom paper size that will fit my print-file in inches, but trying not to waste paper.

7-H. My print is 40 inches by 26 inches.  So I've set the paper size to be 44in wide (that's how wide the roll is) and 28 inches in height so that I have room around my print. Click OK once you're done.

7-I.The paper size now reflects my custom print, and tells me that it's 44.00 by 28.00 inches.  Now we have to go into the Printer Settings.

7-J. Media Type should be set to the correct paper.  In our example below, we're choosing Enhanced Matte Paper.

7-K.SuperPhoto - 1440 dpi should be selected, and also make sure that High Speed Printing is checked!

7-L.Once all these settings have been chosen, press Save.

7-M. I've changed the paper size, paper type and color profile.  I may have to change the orientation of the print from Portrait to Landscape (as I did in this example) Make sure your print falls within the white part of the preview, and that nothing is being cropped.  Now, you can click Print.

8. If you did everything correctly in steps 7-A – 7-M you should have a print that looks as close as possible to what you see on your monitor.
 Remember to allow luster a bit of time to dry, we have art handling gloves in the IdeaLab if you need to borrow some.

Other Resources

  • At the IdeaLab people are trained to help you with printing. Please make a printing consultation appointment by sending an e-mail to: