CheckList of Duties

  • Walk through Libe Labs 306318, and 4th floor
  • Check paper and toner levels of Libe Printers
          If they're low, pull them out and give them a shake. If they're still printing badly, replace them as necessary.  If any of the trays are empty or close to empty, please refill them.
  • Paper in Paper Cabinet
           It is the responsibility of the CarlTech on duty when paper is delivered to move the paper into the cabinet. Once all the reams have been moved, break down the boxes and call the CMC Helpdesk to get them picked up.
  • Log out machines that are logged in but no longer in use
  • Look for machines with errors
         warnings, or which seem to have crashed or be hanging partway through the shutdown procedure. Try forcing a restart and log out again. If the problem persists (i.e. if the refresh problem isn't taking care of it) take note of the computer name (ex: LIBE451-01) and of any error message and log a ticket for the computer following these instructions.
  • Look for machines that are logged in
         but are obviously no longer in use, and log the users out. If documents are open, save them to the Scratch Disk, under a folder labeled "Recovered <DATE>"
  • Tidy up the labs
         If there are empty cups or drinks cans, please pitch 'em. Straighten / rearrange chairs and computers if they've been moved. If there's excess paper around the printers, tidy them up, recycle used paper, etc
  • Investigate missing computers
         If there is a blank spot where a computer should be, make sure it is already noted in the list of missing machines. If not, look in WHD, and if there is no note there, report the absence to Travis or Tammy immediately.
  • Logging Tickets
         Almost all the questions CarlTechs at the Research/IT desk are logged as quick tickets. To create a ticket while on shift in the libe you will want to use these usernames: RESEARCHITFACULTYSTAFF, RESEARCHITGUEST, or RESEARCHITSTUDENT. Click “New Ticket”  type in “ri” in the user name field (not the email field) and hit enter,  chose the generic name that applies to the person asking for help. It will then take you to the client info tab.  From there choose Quick Ticket then choose the problem from the drop-down list. For example “printing”  once that is selected the ticket will be created and you will notice that it’s closed.  You will then add a quick note on what you did to help.  For example: (helped clear a paper jam)

For more FAQs see the following article-

CarlTech Research/IT FAQs

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