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How do I print in color?

At the print dialogue box select LIBR400-CC5051. Remember that in this case CC stands for color copy.

How do I scan?

There are two flat-bed scanners in addition to the copy machine, which can scan and email documents.

 How do I send a fax?

To send a fax using any MFP on campus, use the  "Scan and Send" feature to scan the document and send it via email. The email address to which a fax should be sent takes the following form:

<phone number> @

Where <phone number> is the ten-digit number (for US calls).

Please note: you do not need to prepend a 9, as you would when calling from a Carleton phone, and you do not need the country code if you're faxing to a US number. The ten-digit number is sufficient.

More information can be found here. All credit to Dave Flynn

Why isn't my document printing?

First make sure the PaperCut Client is open, then make sure they are printing to the correct printer, then ask to watch them try to print.

I logged out of the computer and lost my file, is there anyway I can get it back?

Sorry, unless you saved it to the scratchdisk, a flash drive (USB), one of your network drives, or a cloud location like Dropbox or Google Drive, it is gone.

How do I un-jam "Butch"?

Butch is the 20-30 page stapler located on the CarlTech and Research Librarian's desk. Please allow the CarlTech or Research Librarian to do it; they have needle-nose pliers in the Research/IT Drawer that makes the process much easier.

I found this flash-drive in one of the computers. What should I do with it?

 Take it to the circulation desk, they have a drawer full of lost flash-drives.

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