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Hyland Software's OnBase is a system for managing documents stored electronically, usually known as a document imaging system. This is a Windows client/server system used in many offices on campus.

Product Details

There were two OnBase client applications in use on campus: the traditional "thick" client, and the new Unity client with its Office-like ribbon.

The version of the Unity Client that is current is version 18 [].

As of 8/25/2017, the "thick" client version is no longer distributed.Contact Matt Wallace for more information.

OnBase is sold in modules, of which we have only a few. Here is the manufacturer Web site. The Web site requires an account to login to access support documents, including user manuals.

This software is supported by Matt Wallace in the EIS group in ITS. It uses a Carleton-based Microsoft SQL Server database, hosted on (as of 8/22/2014)

System Requirements

The OnBase Client hardware requirements are so low that any college-owned computer purchased and setup in the last five years should qualify.

The new OnBase Unity Client requires these software components:

  • the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 (Full), or a later version (update via Windows Update or WSUS);
  • the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 x86 (32- bit) Redistributable (update via Windows Update or WSUS);
  • the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 (32- bit) Redistributable (update via Windows Update or WSUS);
  • the Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 x86 (32- bit) Redistributable (update via Windows Update or WSUS);
  • the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 x86 (32- bit) Redistributable (update via Windows Update or WSUS).

That first component is part of every Carleton build of Windows 7 and later, and there is an installer available in the KBOX user portal . The last has been added to the KBOX installer for the OnBase Unity Client. There is also an optional Virtual Print Driver component, which has been added to the KBOX installer.

Licensing Information

The OnBase clients, and the Virtual Print Driver, are freely distributable on campus. Specific stations will be licensed for indexing and for scanning documents into the system.

Licensing Restrictions

None for OnBase clients

Usage Restrictions

None for OnBase clients

Home Use

It is not recommend that this client be installed on non-college-owned computers. The Unity Client is available from off campus via Citrix (XenApp).

Lab and Classroom Availability

This is administrative software not used in labs or classrooms.


On Friday, September 7, 2018, the OnBase servers will be upgraded to version 18, and new Unity client 18 will be rolled out to computers that had any old Unity client. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 and 4.7.1 are both compatible with and preferred for this new client, so the upgrade will be offered through our campus WSUS server.

Users wishing to install the Unity client themselves (rather than letting the K1000 do it) may use the KBOX user portal to choose "Windows: Hyland Unity Client 18" anytime after 9/07/2018. Users needing the "thick" client should contact Matt Wallace for more information.

Installation Instructions

College Owned Equipment

The Hyland OnBase Client and Unity Client installers are available from the KBOX user portal for all users.

OnBase also requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 (Full) or later, which may not be present on the oldest workstations on campus. The .NET Framework 4 installer is also on the KBOX user portal if you discover you need to install it as well. Then normal Windows Updates from our campus WSUS server will upgrade it to version 4.7.1 or later.

Step by step instructions for installing the Unity client:

  1. Log in to the KBOX user portal.
  2. Click on the Software Library tab
  3. Click on the link for "Windows: Hyland Unity Client 18"
  4. Click Install Now
  5. There will be a cmd.exe window and a series of dialog boxes with progress bars.
    1. If the cmd.exe window goes away relatively quickly, the workstation may need to have the .NET Framework 4 installed first.
    2. The cmd.exe window will say "ignore errors until further notice", and then several errors will pop up as it attempts to uninstall the last client.
    3. It will then say "errors are relevant again", but there will be one error that comes up virtually immediately that is very much like the previous errors. This one error is safe to ignore.
  6. You may or may not be presented with a dialog box about installing the Hyland Virtual Printer Driver. If prompted, install the driver. (If you are prompted, the VPD certificate trick did not work.)
  7. When the installation is finished the cmd.exe window will disappear and the Hyland Unity Client shortcut will appear on the Programs menu and desktop.
  8. Launch the Unity client. It should launch without a login screen, using the context of the current Windows login. If an OnBase login screen is displayed, you probably tried launching it from a shortcut you created previously, so delete that old shortcut.

Here is the ITS restricted installation information.

Labs and Classrooms

To request this software be installed on a refreshing lab/classroom contact xxx

Personal Machines

Not applicable: use the Citrix service instead.


The Unity Client is available in the Carleton Citrix service at . The Application Enabler feature may not work as well in the Citrix environment, however, and the Hyland Virtual Print Driver is not available in the Citrix environment.

If any user, when trying to run the OnBase Unity Client under Citrix, gets this Exception error message:
        Cannot create a stable subkey under a volatile parent key.
try this: Using the Citrix + icon (on the left edge of the green page), choose All apps, then add the app named “OnBase Unity Client FIX for Error”. Once that new icon appears, run it. It runs fast, showing a blank command window which quickly disappears. Then try running the OnBase Unity Client again, and it should work.

The next time this user gets back into Citrix, if Unity gets the same error, run the “OnBase Unity Client FIX for Error” again. The third time this user gets back into Citrix, if Unity gets the same error, run the “OnBase Unity Client FIX for Error” again. After running this fix 3 times, this user should never have to run it again (because it was run once on each of the 3 Citrix app servers). Then the user can right-click this FIX icon on the green Citrix page and choose Remove.

Who To Call

For OnBase questions, call the Help Desk at x5999.

Questions, Tips and Tricks

Technical Troubleshooting

Unity Client troubleshooting:

The Unity Client has been installed with an optional component called Application Enabler (AE), which allows the Unity Client to interface with other applications installed on the computer. Application Enabler is controlled by an XML configuration file that is continually being enhanced, and so needs to be updated occasionally on every computer to get the latest changes. To get the latest version of this file (CarletonAEconfig.xml), in the KBOX user portal, run the Kscript titled, "Update OnBase Unity Application Enabler".

Miscellaneous Information