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THIS PAGE IS OUT OF DATE AND IS HERE FOR HISTORICAL REASONS ONLY; PLEASE SEE NEW DIRECTIONS HERE.  If you lack access to this page and need immediate help, call the ITS Helpdesk at +1 507 222 5999 or send email to

Students can activate up to 3 parent (or guest) accounts, allowing parents to sign in to The Hub and see pertinent information. There are four different access levels from which to choose which are described on the account creation page.

Setting Up Guest Access

To create an account for a guest, students should follow the steps below:

  1. Log on to The Hub as normal, and select the Student menu.
  2. Under the General Information heading, select Parent/Guest Account Setup
  3. Choose an access level from the following:
    • No Access: No access to student information
    • Make a Payment Only: Make a Payment
    • Payment and Tuit Stmt: Make a Payment, Tuition Account Statement
    • Payment, Tuition, Fin Aid: Make a Payment, Tuition Account Statement, Financial Aid Award, Financial Aid Application Documents
    • All Access: Make a Payment, Tuition Account Statement, Financial Aid Award, Financial Aid Application Documents, Grades by Term/My Schedule, Miscellaneous
  4. Enter and confirm the password for each user account you want to create.
    • The usernames are pre-determined and cannot be changed. They are in the form *<student's NetID>_guest1*
  5. Set the corresponding access level for the account.
  6. Click Submit

You will receive a confirmation email after the account has been set up that you can forward to your guest. Note that the guest's password is not included in this email for security reasons. The student should follow-up with their guest to convey that password. At any time, the student can change or reset a guest's password (see below) or access levels.

Troubleshooting Guest Access

It is generally the responsibility of the students themselves to troubleshoot problems with or for the parent or guest. This may involve contacting an office on campus as outlined below. Troubleshooting falls into two general categories.

Data problems should be referred to the campus office responsible for that data. The office responsible is noted at the bottom center of each page, along with a corresponding contact name and email address.

Technical problems should first be addressed by the student themselves, working through the initial troubleshooting steps outlined below. Failing that, the students should call the ITS Helpdesk (x5999) for help. Please do not refer parents or guests to the ITS Helpdesk as we have no access to these accounts and so are limited in the first line of troubleshooting we can perform. Remember that the guest accounts are maintained through the corresponding student's Hub account, which Helpdesk staff cannot (and should never) access.

If your parent or guest has problems accessing or signing in to The Hub:

  • Verify that The Hub is running by logging in and testing it yourself.
  • Confirm that to log in the user clicks on the login button, not the guest button.
  • Both the username and password are case sensitive so check that they are being entered correctly.
    (i.e. the username should be entered all lowercase; the password needs to be entered EXACTLY the same way it was entered by the student).
  • Check that the username is formatted as <student id>_guest#.
    (e.g. Jane Doe's guests would have login id's of doej_guest1; doej_guest2; etc.)
  • Make sure the parent/guest is using an* underscore '' not a _hyphen '-*' in the username.
  • If these suggestions don't help, have the parent/guest contact the student to change their password. The student can do that on the Parent/Guest Account Setup page on The Hub (under the General Information heading).

If the problem persists or is not addressed above, then students should contact the SCIC and we will coordinate with the Hub administrators.