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How do I get to the voicemail system?

You can 1) press the voicemail button or dial 3737 on your Cisco VoIP phone, 2) call your extension from any phone and press '*' during your voicemail greeting, or 3) if you have a Jabber client for your extension you can click the 'Call Voicemail' button at the bottom of the 'Voice Messages' tab.

If you are asked for your ID, it is your extension #.


Is there a list of the options in the voicemail system?

Yes. Click this link for the list.


Why are some people's first names wrong (like, really wrong) in the 'Corporate Directory?' - CUCM talks to LDAP and must use the 'givenName' attribute in LDAP. That attribute is multi-valued and the CUCM can only grab the top one. In order to fix the name problem, we would have to set up a separate, unique LDAP instance that pulls something like a single-valued preferredName from AD or the main LDAP instance and puts only that into givenName of the special instance. When we decide that is worth our time and effort then we will work at it. Until then, Professor Marty Baylor will be 'Elizabeth' in the VoIP corporate directory, as an example, because that is the value that starts earliest in the alphabet. (


Why did the user lose their Jabber settings and now it's trying to log into WebEx or something? - They probably hit the 'Reset Jabber" link. If they are on Windows, just have them run the Jabber settings app on Mac users will need to click 'advanced settings' and put in the cucm as their server (click the radio button for Communications Manager) which is


I was trying to listen to a vm message in Jabber. I clicked on play, and it just keeps spinning. Waited about 1 min, no luck. I (likely) changed my password recently. I even changed it in the voicemail tab in Jabber. Help? - This is a known issue with many of the last versions of Jabber. You need to:

1) Exit fully from Jabber - completely closed (Check your system tray!)

2) Go to - C:\Users\[your folder]\AppData\Local\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber\CSF (You may have to show hidden folders.)

3) In the CSF folder, delete the 'voicemail' folder.

4) Restart Jabber and log in.