Xerox devices use the term "media" to mean any kind of paper you might want to print on: plain paper, letterhead, envelopes, cards, labels, transparencies, etc.

When the device front panel says "job held for required resources", it's telling you that the next job to be printed requires a kind of media that is not currently in the device. (For example, a job formatted for legal length when the trays have only standard letter size paper.) The front panel is suggesting you put a particular kind of paper in a specfic tray so this job can proceed.

The device bases its knowledge on what media is in each tray on what an operator told it the last time a tray was inserted. So, if an operator lies to the device about the kind of paper in a tray, a job can be held mistakenly.

When other jobs arrive at the printer, this held-up job will be set aside, and printing will continue with the next job. When an operator arrives looking for the held-up job, the operator can use the Job Status button to find the held-up job and try it again with the required media.

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