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Atempo LiveBackup is the centralized backup solution ITS is providing for College-owned Windows desktops and laptops.


Nearly continuous data protection: When LiveBackup is first installed on a workstation, it starts an initial backup of the local hard drives. This first backup (or synchronization) takes anywhere from a couple hours to a day or so, depending on the amount of data being stored. Once the workstation is synchronized to the server, new and modified files are sent in the background to the central server within minutes of being saved, as long as you are connected to a network. With Retrospect, backups are happening at best every few days, and sometimes only a few times in a month.

Better data protection for laptops: Laptop backups are a particular challenge for us in Retrospect: they must be on campus and connected to the wired network in order to be backed up. And if you disconnect your laptop in the middle of a backup, that backup is mostly unusable. With LiveBackup, backups can continue if you are connected to our wireless network. Backups can even continue if you are off-campus! If you aren't connected to any network, file revisions are cached to the free space on your hard drive and will be sent to the server later when you reconnect to a network.

User-directed file recoveries: With LiveBackup, it will be possible for you to recover your own files or directories without calling your Coordinator. We haven't had much experience with this yet, though. For now, we are asking that you give us a call so we can help guide you through the process of file recovery.

Better recoveries of crashed or stolen hard drives: In the past, we have sometimes had to send crashed hard drives to data recovery companies to get the data back. This is expensive ($1,000/drive or more, which is charged to departments) and takes several days. And, of course, if the hard drive was stolen, we only have the Retrospect backups, which might be several days or weeks old. With LiveBackup, we can install a brand-new hard drive in your computer, copy your data from LiveBackup to a removable USB disk, boot your computer from CD and put your data back on your computer with much less time and cost.

Improved energy efficiency: With Retrospect, users often needed to leave their workstations turned on at night or over weekends, waiting until backup successfully completed. Oftentimes backups were not successful in that first evening, and workstatons would need to be left on for several days. Because LiveBackup provides continuous data protection, you can turn your computers off at night. In fact, it's much better if you do! In case of a crashed hard drive (see above), we can most easily recover an entire hard drive to the state it was in as of the last reboot. So not only does turning off your computer at night save electricity, but it will also protect your data better.