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When setting up the printer (in System Preferences > Printers and Scanners) use the following steps to configure Duplexing options:

  1. With the printer selected, click on Options & Supplies
  2. Click on the Options Button.  Set Duplex Module to "Installed"

  3. Once that is done, in an application of your choice (except Microsoft Word) you can setup a default printer setting.

    1. In the menu about half-way down the page choose "Xerox Features" from the drop-down menu:

    2. When the new options appear, choose "2-Sided Print" from the 2-Sided Printing menu

    3. To also set black-and white as your default option, choose "On" for the Xerox Black and White menu

    4. In the Presets Menu at the very top, save these settings as default, or save them as new Presets and give them a name like "B/W Duplex"

The "Xerox Features" choice was not available to Microsoft Word. However, once set these presets (B/W and Duplex) they should be honored in Word when used the saved preset.

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