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This page provides steps on how to use the Staple Finisher output option for Canon C5550 printers. This option allows printed documents to be stapled or eco-stapled (staple-free stapling) directly by the printer. When using this feature, be aware of the maximum stapling capacity. Approximations for this maximum capacity are provided below (note that this max stapling capacity may vary depending on the paper weight and type):

Regular Stapling:

A4 Paper: 65 sheets

A3 and A4R Paper: 30 sheets

Staple-Free (Eco)

About 4-5 sheets. 


  1. Click the little Apple icon in the top left corner of the screen to open System Preferences, then open "Printers & Scanners".
  2. Select the printer queue you want to use and click "Options and Supplies".

3.Select the Options tab, and under Output Options make sure that "Staple Finisher Y1" is listed and selected.

4. Open the document you want to print and staple.

5. Open the print menu (File, Print or press the print icon)

6. Click on the drop-down menu highlighted by the red box below and select "Finishing". (Note that if you do not see this drop-down menu you may need to click "Show Details" in the lower left hand corner of the popup window. 


7. In the "Staple" drop-down menu you can turn on the the staple feature or the eco-staple feature. 

8. You can choose the location of the staple from the "Position" drop-down menu. The image to the left shows where the printer will staple the document.

9. You are ready to print!