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When printing to a Canon iR-ADV C5550, it is possible to send a confidential, "secure print" job, to use the industry term. A secure print job is held at the device until you arrive to release it, entering the PIN number you put in when you created the job. This is useful for confidential documents or for large documents that you don't want to hog the printer until you can arrive to babysit. Make sure that the printer drives are up to date if you cannot see the option to Secure Print. Mac client computers running Mac OS X use model-specific printer drivers installed locally on each Mac, varying with the exact Mac OS X version. The Mac printer drivers are packaged and updated frequently by ITS, posted in the KBOX user portal so users can easily install the latest versions.

Note: This feature is redundant for machines where OneCard must be swiped to log in. The Secure Print feature is mostly used by faculty/staff when printing to a shared printer that does not typically require swiping a OneCard to print. Students using Canon printers in computer labs or the library are effectively secure printing by having to swipe/tap their OneCard before printing. Furthermore, when using WebPrint there is no Secure Print feature. Print jobs released directly from WebPrint are not "secure" and should not be used for confidential jobs.

  1. Open up the print menu (File, Print or click the print icon).
  2. Things will look a little bit different depending on what application you are trying to print from. 
    • If you are printing from a web browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.):
      You should see a pop up that looks like the one below. Click "Print using system dialog" that is highlighted by the red box in the image below.
    • If you are printing from a Microsoft Office program (Excel, Powerpoint) or another program: 
      You should see a popup similar to the one below. Click "Show Details" (highlighted by the red box below).
    • Alternatively, you may be able to advance straight to the next step. This is frequently the case for Microsoft Word.

  3. From the new popup, select "Special Features" from the drop down menu as shown below.

  4. Select "Secured Print" from the "Job Processing" drop-down menu.

  5. Click "Print"
  6. A popup will appear asking for some details for this Secure Print job, as shown below. Enter a name for the document in the "Document Name" field, your Carleton username in the "User Name" field, and PIN of your choosing in the "PIN" field. Then click "OK".
  7. At the printer, tap your OneCard or enter your Carleton username and password manually on the touchscreen. Tap "My Personal Account", then "Next", and then select the "Secure Print" option. You should then see your print job listed, and be prompted to enter your PIN from step 6 when you go to print it.