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This page contains outdated information. See updated information in our new Knowledge Base: Category: Duo Two-Factor Authentication


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About Duo & Getting Started

At Carleton, we utilize a service called "Duo" to provide more security to your account. Duo ensures that when you log in using your Carleton username and password, a second form of authentication is required–so, in the case that someone else gets ahold of your login information, you'll be able to reject their request for a login. There are many options for this second form of authentication, but the most commonly-used is in the form of a code or push notification sent to your phone. This system of "Two-Factor Authentication" has gained popularity in the past few years, and is now industry standard for universities and businesses alike. Continue reading in order to learn how to set up Duo authentication at Carleton, for some convenient tips and tricks, and for how to proceed if you encounter a problem with Duo.

If you have any questions on the following information, please don't hesitate to contact the ITS Helpdesk via our support portal at, by phone at 507-222-5999, or through email at

This Duo information is a reformatting of our original page on Duo Two-Factor Authentication.  If you are not finding what you need here, check the original documentation.