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Wouldn't it be nice if you could print from your college-owned computer to a generic print queue, without choosing a specific printer? Then you could go to any matching printer (maybe one that's not busy) and "pull" your print job to that device, to get the printout? (St. Olaf does this with their MFDs.)

PaperCut makes this possible, and we have set it up with virtual print queues named Release2AnyXXXX, where XXXX represents a particular printer driver, usually specific to the printer manufacturer. But there is a catch, of course, that comes in the release ("pull") step, which will be explained below.

Adding the "Printer"

Adding any of these Release2AnyXXXX "printers" to your college-owned computer works just like adding any normal printer. The print queues currently available are:



(A Release2AnyXerox print queue will be made available after winter break 2019, when a printer driver discrepancy is resolved.)

Here are the Carlpedia instructions you need, along with those print queue names:

Adding a Printer to a Windows Computer

Adding a Printer to a Mac Computer

macOS note: After adding the printer, you must configure the printer for duplex, for grayscale, and for stapling, as described in other Carlpedia articles. If you do not, those features will not be available.


Printing to any of these Release2AnyXXXX "printers" from your college-owned computer works just like printing to any printer or MFD.

But these virtual print queues are setup as "unauthenticated printers" in PaperCut, so the PaperCut client is required to be installed and running, and it will popup to ask you to authenticate (login) again, with your Carleton NetID (without the "" part). You have up to 10 minutes to respond to this authentication prompt, or else the print job will be discarded.

Once you satisfy PaperCut, the job will stay in the print queue for up to 24 hours, waiting for you to release ("pull") it to a particular printer or MFD.


Choosing the printer or MFD to release ("pull") to: Use any "ITS Public Labs" device, but on departmental devices, ask permission first if you don't work in that department,

(Ah, here's the rub...)

At any Canon MFD (requires your personal oneCard):

At any Xerox that has a print release station (requires your personal oneCard):

At any other printer (no print release station):


In most cases, how you configure the printer driver on your computer, determines whether you print in color or grayscale. A few print queues. most with -Gray- in their names, force all printing to grayscale.

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