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Lenovo System Update is a Windows utility for Lenovo ThinkPads. Its purpose is to check a Lenovo repository for updated BIOS, drivers, utilities, and newer ThinkVantage software. Updated items are presented in lists organized into 3 tabs: Critical, Recommended, and Optional.  Users can check the specific ones they want downloaded and installed, or even download only, deferring installation. 

It is recommended you run Lenovo System Update periodically, especially before and after an Operating System Update

Visit Lenovo's System Update webpage to

  • Download the latest version
  • View System Requirements
  • See detailed instructions

Running Lenovo System Update

  1. Click the Start Menu
  2. Type System Update or browse to Start Menu → Lenovo → System Update

The first check that System Update runs is to see if it itself is up to date. If it's not, it offers to update itself and restart.

When the lists of updates are presented, it's generally safe to check everything from the Critical, Recommended, and Optional tabs. 

If your computer is using BitLocker, it is recommended that you temporarily disable BitLocker before applying any Firmware or Bios updates.

If you use a dock with your computer, you can run System Update undocked.  However, additional drivers and updates for the dock will only be detected while docked.