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Xerox calls the different kinds of paper you can print on "media", and characterizes it by:

  • type: plain, letterhead, transparency, labels, envelope, heavyweight, punched, recycled, bond, pre-printed, coated, etc.
  • size: letter (8.5" x 11"), legal (8.5" x 14"), tabloid (11" x 17"), postcard, statement, executive, No. 10 envelope, A4, etc.
  • color: white, pink, etc. (not the color you print, but using colored paper in a paper tray)

With Xerox devices, when you initiate printing from your desk, you choose the kind of media you plan to use (by type, size, and color) from the print properties dialog. Then, when you approach the device, you put that kind of media in the bypass tray and confirm it (by type, size, and color) on the front panel. It's up to the Xerox device to figure out which tray holds the media that matches your print request. (Contrast this to other printers, where you specify a particular tray to print from, and your job comes out on whatever media happens to be in that tray at the time.)

So, as an example, to print on letterhead:

  1. From a Windows XP computer:
    1. In your application, choose to print. Then, in the Print dialog, choose the printer, then click the Properties button next to the printer name.
    2. On the Paper/Output tab, you may see a Paper Summary box with a Select Paper dropdown below it. Or, you may see separate Paper Size and Paper Type dropdown lists. Or you may see Document Size and Paper Type dropdown lists on a Paper/Quality tab. In any case, use the dropdown lists to specify your media type (letterhead) and size (and color, if any).
    3. Click OK to save the settings for this print job, then OK to print.
  2. Or, from a Mac OS X computer:
    1. In your application, choose Page Setup. Use the Paper Size dropdown to select the size of your media. If you don't see the size you need, try changing the "Format for:" dropdown from "Any Printer" to your printer.
    2. In your application, choose to print and select the printer. Then dropdown the "Copies & Pages" list to display Printer Features. At the Paper Type dropdown list, select the type of your media (letterhead). If you don't see the type you need, Cancel out of this dialog and try a different Paper Size in the previous step.
    3. When all your settings are correct for this print job, click Print.
  3. At the device, locate the bypass (or "multi-purpose") tray at the side of the device. Put your media (letterhead) in this tray. When the device front panel asks you to confirm the size and type, choose from the available options (letter size, letterhead type).
  4. Your job should start to print automatically. If it does not, it may have been moved aside to allow another plain paper job to print. Use the Job Status button on the device front panel to find your print job and activate it.