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Let's address the power question first.  The Xerox WorkCentre MFPs used on campus meet the U.S. Department of Energy guidelines as "ENERGY STAR" appliances.  That means they reduce power to a very efficient "low power mode" after a period of inactivity.  (It also means the device resumes operating state in a short period of time when needed.)  Who decided the inactivity period?  You did: ITS set this value based on departmental requests.  Find out more about the ENERGY STAR ratings at .

We measured power usage for the WorkCentre 4150 and WorkCentre 7132 models used on campus.  The black and white WorkCentre 4150, which can average 745 watts during interactive use, draws only 32.5 watts in low power mode.  The color WorkCentre 7132, which can average 528 watts during interactive use, draws only 6 watts in low power mode.  What do these numbers mean?  Compare them to the wattage of the bulbs in the light fixtures in your office or room.

Now back to the first question: ITS needs all campus MFPs and networked printers left on all the time for several reasons:

  1. We have a contract with Xerox that requires that usage information be picked up by a server from every MFP daily.  In order not to negatively affect campus network loads, this happens after 11:00 pm nightly.
  2. Campus Services is trying to provide the best service possible by ordering "consumables" (toner and maintenance kits) in advance of when they will be needed for each MFP.  A device that is off or disconnected from the campus network cannot report its consumable levels, which may result in a delay for ordering when a consumable runs out.
  3. To keep every MFP in its best working condition, ITS staff need to perform updates and configuration changes.  We prefer to do this work after hours, so that your use of the devices is not affected.  If a device is off or disconnected from the campus network, ITS cannot update it, or diagnose or fix problems.
  4. Our campus print management systems, iPrint and GoPrint, expect to maintain a network connection to each device, in order to provide immediate printing services on demand.  When a device is off, the print management systems start a programmed schedule of looking for the missing device at increasing intervals.  If a device is left off long enough, the print management system may give up and mark the device as unreachable.  When that happens, it will require intervention by a systems administrator before the device will be able to print again.  To provide you the best printing services possible, no device should ever be marked unreachable.