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As before, you can order plain paper for printers and MFPs from Printing Services using this form:

For college stationery (paper, envelopes), you can order online starting here:

For specialty media, like transparencies or labels, you can order from your usual sources, or by contacting our vendor, , or directly from Xerox. Before contacting CRS, find the part number you need at the Xerox Supplies site:

Near the top, choose the "Paper and Media Type" tab, then choose either "For Black and White Office Products" or "For Color Office Products", depending on your model of printer or MFP, then choose the type of media you need.

For transparencies, we have been advised to order the Removable Stripe kind, Xerox reorder number 3R3108. For labels, most laser-compatible labels will do; the Xerox Supplies site lists a variety of sizes and finishes.

Confused about different kinds of media? You can find useful descriptions and videos at the Xerox Paper Resource Centre, at:

At the bottom of that page, you will find Recommended Media Lists for some specific models of Xerox printers and MFPs.

That covers all the media, but what about toner, staples, and other consumables? For those, contact Peggy Sellers in Mailing Services at x4173.