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Preview image size changing

Purpose/Overview: Quick and dirty way to change the size of images using any Mac computer

Platform: Mac
Version 5.0.3
Locations Available: Any mac computer on Campus


First go to your Applications folder, and open Preview.

Once in Preview, choose File > Open
Choose the photo that you wish to resize, and click the "Open" button.

Once the image is in Preview, go up to the Menu Bar, and choose Tools > Adjust Size
You'll see a window that shows the current size of your digital image.
Make sure you change the resolution first.  
Once you've changed the resolution, you may change the pixel dimensions to your optimal size.  (See Image Size Suggestions for this info)
Now go back to the Menu Bar and go to File > Save as.  Change the name to something else (I added 'resize' to the original name). Finally, click the Save Button, and you're done.
Any questions, please call or e-mail PEPS or your A.T.