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The Language Lesson allows you to design your list of questions in a plain text file and then import them into an empty Language Lesson.  This is the quickest way to create a fully-featured lesson with a large number of questions.  This import method is based on the GIFT format, used also in Moodle's Quiz module, but is specifically designed to include Language Lesson's Audio and Cloze question types.  Another feature of GIFT + is that you can designate the file names for embedded media (sound or video) files, and it will automatically upload and link these files in your questions.


  • You must write the GIFT + format in a plain text editor, such as TextWrangler (Macintosh), or Notepad (Windows).  Save the file in plain text, with a .txt file extension. 
  • Upload any media files that you will embed into your Moodle Files for your course, then use the direct URLs to create the necessary hyperlinks in Moodle.  Moodle has a filter that automatically uses a Flash player for every link to MP3 or other media files.
  • Separate each question in the text file with a blank line
  • Put the name of the question between double colons (::) at the beginning of the line.
    ::Question #1::
  • Type the question prompt on the same line directly following the question name.
    ::Question #1::This is the question prompt.  Please answer correctly.
  • Answers are contained in curly brackets { }.  Correct answers are proceeded by an equals sign (=), incorrect answers are proceeded by a tilde (~).
    ::Question #1::This is the question prompt.  Please answer correctly. {=OK ~No Way! ~Huh?}
  • Upload your media files to your Moodle server before importing your Language Lesson, and use the URLs to those files in your import file.  You can use basic HTML anywhere in your import file, including the hyperlink tags for embedding media.  Moodle has a filter that will automatically change the hyperlinks to media files into Flash-based player objects.
    ::Question #1::Please listen to this song and type the lyrics in the box.
    <a href="">audio</a> {}

Question Types

Here is a sample of how to format your text file to import the most basic question types.

Multiple Choice

::Question 1::Choose the capital of Ethiopia. {=Addis Abeba ~Axum ~Mek'ele}


::Question 2::The northernmost city of Africa is Bizerte. {T}


::Question 7::Match the following countries with their corresponding capitals. {
=Canada -> Ottawa
=Italy -> Rome
=Japan -> Tokyo
=India -> New Delhi


Short Answer

::Question 3::What year did Commodore Perry's Black Ships arrive in Japanese waters? {=1853}


::Question Name::This is a block of text that has both fill-in blanks and also drop-down
(i.e. Multiple choice) questions types within one question page.  You can have as many different
answers as you like in one page. Mark fill-in blanks with the {correct answer} inside curly brackets.
For a drop-down menu multiple choice, put all answer options in curly brackets, preceding the
{=correct, incorrect, wrong} answer with an equals sign.


:: Question 4::Please write your reaction to the massive amounts of snow in Minnesota. {}


::Question 5::Please repeat the words in the prompt below. {AUDIO}

Branch Tables

Branch tables allow you to organize a Language Lesson into sections.  This makes it possible for students to easily navigate to a particular part of the Language Lesson, allowing them to complete it in stages.  The advantage for creating a larger Language Lesson with branches is that you can consolidate a number of activities into one activity item on your Moodle page, this also makes it possible to assign a single cumulative grade in the gradebook to a number of activities contained in one Language Lesson.

Creating a branch table is almost like creating a multiple choice question.  It contains a branch table name, text to appear on the branch page, and then names of the buttons that link to the different sections within the Language Lesson.  Please note that the different section buttons are separated by the 'pipe' character, typed on the shift of the key to the right of your square bracket key on the keyboard.

::Branch Table Name::These are the sections of this Language Lesson. {Section 1|Section 2|Section 3}

For example:

::Menu::Please complete all of the activities below. {Activity 1| Activity 2|Actvity 3}

::Question 1:: Do you like dogs or cats? {=dogs ~cats}

::Question 2::What pets have you had in your childhood? {}


::Question 1::What is the capital of Minnesota? {=St. Paul}

::Question 2::What is the capital of Illinois? {=Springfield}


::Question 1::What is the imperial color of Japan? {=purple}

::Question 2::What is your favorite color? {}


Any questions included in the import text file after the end of the last branch will be included at the end of the lesson.