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The Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable packages, also known as VCredist, are runtime components in support of Windows applications compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio. The x86 distributions are for 32-bit applications; the x64 versions are for 64-bit applications, regardless of the bitness of the operating system. The version needed depends on the version of Visual Studio that was used to compile the application, which should be specified in the application installation instructions:


Major Version


Visual Studio 2005


Visual Studio 2008


Visual Studio 2010


Visual Studio 201211.0Minimum & Additional pieces
Visual Studio 201312.0Minimum & Additional pieces
Visual Studio 2015/2017/201914.0Minimum & Additional pieces

Product Details

Licensing Information

The Visual C++ redistributable packages can be distributed with any application compiled with the corresponding version of Visual Studio.

Licensing Restrictions


Usage Restrictions


Home Use

Faculty and staff can install this software freely, as long as they can login with an Administrator-equivalent account.

Lab and Classroom Availability

The Visual C++ redistributables are installed in all refreshing labs and classrooms as applications require them.

Installation Instructions

Labs and Classrooms

To request this software be installed on a refreshing lab/classroom contact xxx

Link to protected information for how we configured it to work

College Owned Equipment

There are KBOX installers for the VCredist packages that are required for KBOX-packaged applications.

Link to protected information for ITS instructions

Personal Machines

Identify the exact Visual C++ redistributable package needed (2005, 2008, 2010, 2013, or 2015/2017/2019), and whether for a 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) application. Search the Microsoft download site at for that specific package. If you see more than one entry for that package, choose the latest one.

Logged in as a Windows Administrator-equivalent, run the downloaded .exe file, and answer the prompts to install it.

Then, after installing,run Windows Update or Microsoft Update to get all necessary security updates.

Who To Call

The ITS HelpDesk x5999 fully support the VCredist packages for applications that require them.

S.Nissen originally authored the Windows information in this article, but after April 1, 2015, Rebecca Barkmeier will be responsible for the packaging of this application for Windows, so all questions should be directed to her.

Questions, Tips and Tricks

Technical Troubleshooting

If a VCredist package will not install, try removing all previous installations of the same major version first using Control Panel→Programs.

Miscellaneous Information