Safe Mode is a feature in Windows that allows the computer to be booted up with minimal drivers and start-up programs. It is commonly used on computers infected with Malware to remove those programs, as they cannot be removed when they are already running.

To start a Windows computer in Safe Mode, hold F8 while the computer is booting up. You should be given a set of choices for start-up modes. If these choices do not appear, the computer may use a different start-up key, such as F5. This information can usually be found on the computer manufacturer's website. Alternatively, you can watch the start-up sequence carefully and catch the correct key as in flashes in the top corner.


Although Safe Mode is ideal for running effective scans with McAfee Anti-Virus, Spybot Search and Destroy, and other anti-malware programs, some programs will not run properly. For example, most installers will not work; for this reason, anti-virus software must be installed in normal mode. Some uninstallers will also refuse to run.