This page is for the supervisors of student workers who need to print for their jobs. It is meant to supplement the simple instructions in the Student Workers section in the main printing article. As of January 2017, all departments have their student workers log in to workstations with their normal ("native") personal student accounts (like mousem); stu_ accounts (like stu_mousem) are no longer used or supported.

History: How a Student Worker Group was Initially Defined for Printing

When a department migrated to PaperCut-based printing, they had the opportunity to identify those of their student workers who need to be able to print for their jobs, charging the printing to department shared accounts known to PaperCut. These might be all their student workers who access the campus or cloud network shares, already defined in Active Directory (AD). Or it might be a smaller set of student workers defined by their job titles or their supervisor. In both cases, the department would have worked with Austin Robinson-Coolidge and/or Les LaCroix to define a new AD group named prntbdgt_dept_dl, which includes everyone (faculty, staff and student workers) who can charge to the shared account. Les is keeping track of all these different choices in a restricted article titled "Student Worker Account Setup".

When the students in the AD-based group are identified by job title or supervisor, they will appear and disappear in the group from term to term as their jobs change, and PaperCut will recognize them automatically, providing (or removing) access to the shared account. The supervisor does not need to contact the ITS HelpDesk to have the list in the AD group revised; it will be populated automatically one day after the job position start date defined in Colleague for each student worker. The supervisor does need to contact the ITS HelpDesk if the job titles or supervisors change.

I have already made the necessary configuration changes in PaperCut, which included marking the student workers to require the PaperCut client popup. So, the day the prntbdgt_dept_dl group is populated, from any computer with the PaperCut client software installed and running, a student worker can print and charge any job to the shared account(s) to which he was given access.

The Student Worker Printing Experience

One of the changes I make is that the student sees this standard PaperCut client popup when he prints::

The student is used to seeing this dialog when he prints for himself in the ITS public labs. However, for student workers, I have activated a new option in this dialog: the radio button labeled "Charge to shared account using PIN / Code" (third of four radio buttons) will now enable printing, when the student enters a PIN for a shared account to which he has access. The department chose the PIN at the time the migration was done. It defaults to the 4–digit (or long form with hyphens) budget code, but can be changed by me (SNissen) at the department's request.

Faculty and staff who charge printing to multiple accounts see this same dialog. However, for faculty and staff, the option "Charge to shared account" is enabled and easier to use; they see a dropdown list of accounts available to them with the default choice they requested. Student workers cannot use that option and do not see a dropdown list; they must enter the PIN they have been told by their supervisor.

Troubleshooting Student Worker Printing

If a student worker prints but no pages ever come out, check that the computer the student is using has the PaperCut client installed and running. On Windows computers, you can use the upward pointing triangle in the notification area (system tray) to see the PaperCut client icon, a green P. If there is a choice of Windows computers, one that is joined to the ADS domain will work better than one that is not.

When the student printed, did he see the authentication prompt to login to PaperCut, then see the dialog shown above? (If not, the PaperCut client software was probably not running.) If he saw the popup, which login did he use, and which option did he pick, and what did he enter for the PIN? Did the PaperCut client respond with any message?

If the student did not see the dialog allowing him to authenticate or see the dialog allowing him to enter a PIN but the job did print, it may be unclear how the job was paid for. If there is ever a question about how any print job was charged, the user who submitted the job can see the details as described here.

In reporting any error or problem, identify the print job as specifically as possible, so we can search the PaperCut logs: date, exact time, username given to PaperCut, from which computer and operating system (Windows or Mac), to which printer, document name.

Finally, to narrow down the contributing factors, if the printer has been enabled for WebPrint, have the student worker try submitting the job through WebPrint (, and look for any error messages in that process.

For complete instructions on how to troubleshoot a printing problem on a PaperCut-managed printer, see the Technical Troubleshooting section in this article.

Printers May Be Restricted

When a department was migrated to PaperCut-based printing, they were invited to define on each of their printers any restrictions they felt necessary. (PaperCut calls these "filters".) For example, if one department printer is in a location that might be confused with a nearby public labs printer, the department can ask that printing to their department printer be restricted to only faculty and staff. If the department wants their own student workers to be an exception to such a restriction, they need to tell us and we'll use the same AD-based prntbdgt_dept_dl group described above.

A printer with restrictions will always indicate this in its description on the Printers page at, with the phrase "only faculty, staff and stuworkers can use". To change (or add) restrictions, the department can contact me (SNissen) at any time to make adjustments to the printers.

Common Misconceptions (please read!)

Student worker printing is limited only in the ways described above. There are no limitations as to which printer a student worker can use with the department shared account, or which computer he can print from (or WebPrint or Mobility Print), or what time of day he can submit a print job, or what kinds or sizes of jobs he can submit. 

NEW: On the Canon iR-ADV C5550 and 6555 MFDs, any student worker who can print charging to department shared account(s), can copy using his personal oneCard to charge the same department shared account(s). PaperCut MF is managing copying on these MFDs, and from PaperCut's point of view, copying and printing settings for a user are the same. So your student workers may not need to use a department copy card anymore (and your faculty and staff may not need it either).

If a department is concerned that students might be charging to the shared account some printing or copying that is not work-related, the department can request a PaperCut report showing how the shared account was used in a particular time period. A few departments have asked to receive a detailed "logs" report every month, showing every print and copy job charged to the shared account by anyone in the AD group Students, for all printers on campus. Most departments have asked for just a "summary" report, showing for each user the total costs charged to the shared account, from anyone in the AD group Students, for all printers on campus. Either of these reports is easy to set up; contact me, SNissen, at any time to ask for a PaperCut report. ITS strongly recommends that a department request and have someone periodically review such reports, to catch any problems before they grow to be unmanageable.

Note that special login accounts used in a few departments (like ariel, biolstudent, chemstudent, ellucian, its, and psycstudent) are also limited only in the ways described above. There are no limitations as to which printer or computer these accounts can be used with. Therefore, it would be smart for the department to monitor these accounts with a "logs" report as described above; a print job's date/time, document title, printer, or client machine may indicate inappropriate use of such accounts.