How to fill out a PEPS assistance, Event Setup ticket

First open your favorite browser, and type in this URL:

PEPS' page will appear:



Click on the link: Event Support Request Form. This will take you to the ITS Helpdesk request page.


You will have to login using your regular Carleton netID and password.

This is the catch... If you're not from Carleton, you can't request PEPS services in this manner.  If you're an outside group, you will need to go through someone at Carleton, College Relations, or the Director of the Arts' office at the Weitz Center for Creativity.

Once you've logged in, you should see this screen:

Click on the Request Type dropdown menu and scroll towards the bottom and choose PEPS

Then a new drop-down menu will appear, with only one choice: Event.  Highlight Event.

Then a new drop-down menu will appear, with three choices. 

For this tutorial we'll be choosing Tech Assistance and/or Setup.  But you'll see that there are two other choices, Videoconferencing Setup and Videotaping.  We'll cover these in a different tutorial.  For now, select the top choice, and a new ticket-request window will open.


Write a Subject that describes your event, title of the event, or department meeting.

Next, in the Request Detail, use this space to give us a general overview of your needs.  This is also a space to put information that we don't specifically ask for.  If you need more than one laptop, projector or screen, for example... Or if you need a PEPS technician to remain for the entirety of your event.  (Special circumstances)

Next, we need to know where and when you are holding your event, whether you just want the equipment setup, and you'll be running the A/V gear yourself?  Or whether you would like a technician to be there at the beginning of your event to get everything running.

You can click one or the other or both.  If you click both, generally PEPS will setup the gear earlier in the day, and then send a PEPS worker to be at the space 15 minutes before your start time, to make sure that your event's equipment is working properly for you.

We will also need to know when your event is, and at what time.  Please fill in the time your event ACTUALLY starts.  PEPS will ensure that your event's equipment is setup and working, well before your event begins.

Next, click the buttons next to the various services we offer, telling us what you require of our technicians and equipment.  The Carbon Copy (CC: ) and Attachments spaces at the bottom are there, if you have a secondary contact that you would like us to include in our request, a professor or supervisor that you want to keep up to date with setup requests, etc.  The attachments button, is if you have a Facilities Setup Request Form, or a sketch of how you'd like the equipment setup, you can create a PDF of these things, and include them in the ticket itself.

Once you've filled in all of the requisite things, click save, and you'll see this screen:

You should receive an automated e-mail from the ticketing system.

You will then receive another e-mail confirming that PEPS has assigned your ticket to a tech and it is scheduled on our calendar.

If for some reason you have not received a confirmation e-mail from us within 48 hours of submitting your request, please call our office at ext. 7070 to confirm.