This page details how to set up printer setting presets for both Canon and Xerox printers. These presets make it much easier and quicker to change printer settings such as Color/Black-and-White, Simplex/Duplex, etc.

  1. Open the print menu by clicking the print icon or File, Print. 
  2. Things will look a little bit different depending on what application you are trying to print from. 3. Make sure that you have the desired settings selected and then click on the "Presets" drop down menu and select "Save Current Settings as  Preset". You can also view current presets and the associated settings by clicking "Show Presets".

    4. Enter a clear, descriptive name for the preset. If you want this preset to apply for all printers that you have added to your computer, then make sure "All printers" is selected. For example if I was creating a preset to print in color, and double-sided, I would use a name such as "Color 2-Sided". Click "OK" when done.

    5. Your new preset should be created and ready for future use!

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