In May 2018, ITS began sending monthly messages to Faculty and Staff announcing an upcoming software update.  These updates are typically small, but essential to keeping Carleton computers healthy.


Typically, the announcement is sent the first Tuesday of the month and includes instructions for users to initiate the update proactively.  On the second Tuesday of the month, the update becomes automatic.  

This schedule is a bit variable depending on holidays, start/end of term, etc.

Update History

2019.12 Windows Printer Driver Upgrades

2019.11 Crashplan Login Change

2019.10 Resuming Patch/Update Services, New macOS, Spirion (Identity Finder)

2019.09 Suspending Pushes, and New KPatches and Microsoft Updates

2019.08 Office 2019

2019.07 EMS

2019.07 AdobeExpiryCheck, Windows 10 (1903), Carladmin Disable

SPSS 26 (Sent to SPSS Users only)

2019.06 SPSS License Codes (Sent to SPSS Users only)

Windows 10 (1903) and macOS 10.14

2019.05 Adobe Updates

2019.04 Resuming Patches and Updates; New Bomgar Button, Firefox, and Chrome

2019.03 License Server Targeted Communications (sent only to fac/staff with this software installed)

ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pro, ESRI City Engine





2019.03 CrashPlan Login and Suspension of Updates

2019.02 K2 Client 

2019.01 Windows 10 1809 Announcement

2018.12 macOS 10.14 Announcement

2018.11 CrashPlan Announcement

2018.10 Spirion Identity Finder Announcement

2018.10 Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application Announcement

2018.09 New OSes, K1000 Patching, Windows Updates

2018.09 Suspending Updates 

2018.08 K1000 Agent 8.1.52 

2018.07 Bomgar Button and TMPU 

2018.06 K2 Agent

2018.05 K1000 Agent 7.1.62


Installation statistics are monitored for each update.  Machines that fail to update will be addressed at a later date by the Help Desk.