QLab is a piece of software developed by Figure 53 and created for Mac OS X that allows for the concurrent and seamless control of audio, video, and MIDI components of theatrical performances from one machine, in an easy-to-use, intuitive environment. This is in use from Hong Kong to Sweden and was used for the broadcasting of medal ceremonies at the 2010 Olympics. Features include simple projection editing, video and audio synchronization, independent cue mixing, and the ability to fully undo adjustments after they have been made.

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Product Details

A summary of the specifics of the product.

System Requirements

QLab 2 requires Mac OS 10.5.2 or later and QuickTime 7.3 or later.

QLab 1 works on Mac OS 10.4.

Known System Conflicts

Licensing Information

Carleton has been given an unlimited license, because the designers of the program are Carleton alumni.

The Pro license of QLab (also free of charge) is vital for working with more than one display, which is nearly all the time QLab is used–because one monitor is a control surface and one or more additional monitors/projectors are in use.

Whenever QLab is installed, it's very useful for the Pro version to be installed at the same time. In addition to installing the Pro bundle, the serial number of the machine in question needs to be e-mailed to the good people at Figure 53, who create a unique file for that computer that unlocks the Pro license of QLab when that file is put in the right place on the machine.

A simple test to verify that a copy of QLab 3 has the Pro license working is:

  1. create a new cue list;
  2. drag any image or video into the cue list to create a Video cue for that image or video;
  3. in the Inspector (command+i) of the Video cue, look for the last tab, called "Video Effects";
  4. check the "Apply effects" box and choose any video effect you please.
  5. If:
    1. you can apply a video effect, this copy of QLab 3 has the Pro license installed correctly.
    2. there is a red "X" next to the Video cue and it says "A Pro license is required to use video effects," this copy of QLab 3 does not have the Pro license installed correctly.

Lab and Classroom Availability

QLab is used regularly in Weitz Theater and Weitz Cinema. It's installed on lab machines in the Weitz and on the student machine in Little Nourse theater. It is often used on student laptops.

Installation Instructions

Visit the following page to install QLab:

QLab - Restricted